Your own creativity

If you think that you can express yourself creatively only in IzoIsolation, or in fine arts, then you are wrong! It's hard to imagine a field where creativity is unnecessary. I will list the different tasks as they come to my mind. 

Cooking a nice dinner.

Developing a new business.

Composing a speech.

Being creative in sales.

Developing my new look.

A new (any) product.

Relationships - with adults and even children (HOW do you get a child to clean a room?). 

Let alone the creative products themselves. They are beautiful and unique, and only one person in the world can create them - you.


Whatever you do – life is easier and brighter with creativity.

If you've realized that you want to increase, expand the place of creativity in your life, I'm inviting you in therapy - in anticipation and with curiosity about your creative journey.


PS Some of you might say “I'm not that kind” (as far as creativity is concerned). Some may be going through an energy deep. All of these things can and should be dealt with.

I promise you won't recognize yourself at the end!

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