About me

I don't even know where to start (and I have to start somewhere I guess) : )

I remember once, when I started my next psychological education in Amsterdam, everyone introduced themselves by showing and describing their keychain (isn't that creative?).

But I will not show you my keys (I show you everything and even more in my works). I will just list the most interesting facts about myself.

* When I was young, I owned and operated a funeral business for 7 years;

* There was also a time when I sang from the stage (interesting combination, huh?);

* My favorite sport is Body Pump, specifically pumping iron.

And I combine creative and mischievous IzoIsolation again, as I did when I was younger, with serious work. I am a couples, group and individual psychologist-psychotherapist.

Some clients once told me that they “take their pants off” in my office. They were probably referring to their honest self-presentation, and I've since been unable to stop thinking, maybe I'm also a gynecologist and/or proctologist?

Here's my gynecology, ugh, psychology website just in case. 

I'm married. My baby daughter is now 27 years old.

I report on the rest of my life regularly and in detail on my Facebook.

Let’s stay in touch!

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